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With the rise of apps in phones, it has become evident that we’ll soon witness mass production of phone apps, and therefore, companies will require testing grounds required for the same. Not only that, users and organizations in recent years have also witnessed the rise of ‘work from home’ concept. While these might be comfortable for some users, many users face difficulties in maintaining work and personal life within one app, and hence, require dual accounts on the same app on the same phone, which is possible via VMOS. Gateway to another world on the same machine? VMOS.

My world, my rules

VMOS provides users with the power to handle the virtual machine within their phones on their terms. It can be used to test the beta version of apps before you try them out for your main phone ROM, it can also be used to test out how certain settings and advanced changes in settings work for them, or they can just place some files in this separate environment.

One thing that every Android user has always wanted is to test out the root or unlock featured applications on the phone. But the problem with these applications is that they require the user’s phone to be rooted, and rooting a phone voids the warranty/guarantee of the phone and makes it illegible to be repaired at official service centers. Not to forget the complications of the rooting process that can turn your phone into a black brick in a matter of moment.

VMOS takes away all these fears as the virtual environment created via app runs even root required applications, making it one of the unique ways to enjoy the best of both worlds. Users can play around with all root access applications and games, and even go on to change screen resolution and depth to adjust the application for better performance or quality within the virtual machine.

Segregating for good

VMOS, while being highly powerful, maintains the ease for users and can be accessed through a floating bubble on the screen if users turn on the option for the same. This allows users to jump into their VMOS world easy and fast. Apart from this, users also get the liberty to create a duplicate copy of social media applications like WhatsApp and Instagram and run separate accounts in the real and virtual machine.

Have a tinge of independence, privacy, fun, and testing with your phone through VMOS.

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